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(There's a picture of me coming)

"Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening."

"Before I begin, I have to say Thank You for taking the time out to not only view my work but read a little bit about me, it is truly an honor. It is my hope that this small excerpt sheds light on who I am as a person and a designer. ENJOY!" 

"My name is Deric Bryce Skinner but my friends call me Deric. I originate from Atlanta, but I was raised in Atlanta (Two totally different places). Having had such a diverse upbringing it allowed me the opportunity to experiences many different cultures and forms of creativity, thus molding me into the design scientist I am today."  

"My love for the design stems from my mother, my military experience and my healthy competitive nature."

"My mother went to Parsons School of Design in New York City, where she went on to flunk out due to securing a design job with DKNY (That's exactly what I said). This was around the time that New York was BOOMING with raging artists, she was one of them. Throughout her... let's just go with, extra unordinary, life, one thing always remained... her passion for creativity. My mother was an older mother (She had me when she was 45) that passed her many years of experience and wisdom down to me, which motivated me and guided me into the world of art and design." 

"When my mother found out I was going into the Air Force as an Aerial Gunner (I was definitely not an Aerial Gunner) she told me that I was grounded for life (I was 18) but she supported my decision. While in the Air Force I was allotted more ample time than most people would think, but I saw that as an opportunity. I enrolled to YouTube University (Not real) where I sat for hours at a time learning the ins-and-outs of the Adobe Suite as well as different design concepts such as typography, layout and color theory. I was HOOKED." 

"Prior to my out-processing from the Air Force I knew exactly what my passion was, it was then that I enrolled to The Art Institute of Atlanta (Real). While at AIA I found that my yearning to be "The Best" designer I knew I could be was the driving force for my consumption of as much design knowledge as possible. Basically I was addicted to learning... And the funny thing is, I still am. My pursuit of knowledge, of the new design technique, of the new software, of the new designers, encourages me to dig deeper, and go harder." 

"Also designing is fun as hell! Have you ever sat behind a computer for HOURS creating something that you will edit A TRILLION times, just to have the final product be the complete opposite of what you planned for?! NO?! Then you aren't living my friend." 

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